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Contacting Technical Support

To contact Technical support, please see the information listed on the Customer Support page. Alternatively, you may access the Kurzweil 3000 Knowledge Book directly, for answers to common technical inquires.




  • 1. What is firefly and how does it supplement Kurzweil 3000 Web License?
    firefly is a flash-based website and iPad app that allows core Kurzweil 3000 functionality. The product functions as an extension of your Kurzweil 3000 Web License subscription, as you may access and upload files to the same web cloud storage area to share files between the products. firefly is currently available with Kurzweil 3000 v13 and higher of the Web License Edition. Please note that Kurzweil 3000 Web License has all the features of previous versions; it's important to understand that the Web License edition must be installed on client computers as a full Windows or Mac application. Enhancements are being introduced regularly to firefly. Please see the features page for firefly's capabilities.
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  • 2. I would like to add user accounts for use with Kurzweil 3000 Web License and firefly. What steps do I need to take?
    First you would login to firefly with your account information. If you are the coordinator and do not have your account login, please contact customer service; you will be emailed your credentials when processing is complete. If you are a teacher or a student, please contact your coordinator for your login information.

    Once logged in, click "My Account > Users" at the top of the page. When the Users page loads, select the "Everyone" choice near the top of the page, first search for the user in question; if not found then click on the "Add Users" tab. You will be asked to enter the user's information, i.e., First Name, Last Name. Please complete the fields and then click "Save" to add your new user(s). Note that for teachers, you will want to un-check the "Student" check-box. The student or teacher you are adding will receive an email with their login and password.
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  • 3. What mobile devices is firefly compatible with?
    The firefly iPad App is available, and is the mobile device we recommend. Android devices are not currently supported as typically a flash capable browser is not available on these devices. firefly should work on any device that is flash capable, as it is a flash based web product. Please review the firefly system requirements for compatibility. If you would like the application for an iPad you may search for firefly K3000 in the Apple Store on your iPad or navigate directly through this link.

    If you would like more details about firefly for the iPad, please view our firefly for the iPad product page.
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  • 4. Can books in Kurzweil 3000 format be distributed to specific students through the Web License firefly library?
    Files can be assigned to students privately via the "private" folder or saved into a "public" school or district folder using the firefly cloud storage. The firefly web library offers unlimited cloud storage to save, open, upload, and distribute Kurzweil files from within Kurzweil 3000 Web License. For ease of upload and download for all users, files should be limited to individual chapters, as opposed to entire texts. In addition, like the Standalone and Network editions, you can still copy content to storage media and distribute files that way if desired.
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  • 5. I'm a Standalone or Network customer, do I have access to firefly?
    The firefly web portal along with the firefly iPad app are only available with the Web License edition of Kurzweil 3000 at this time. If you are interested in upgrading your version, please contact your Sales representative or Customer Service.
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